“Unique Destination L.t.d.” does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose our mailing lists or information about our site visitors.

“Unique Destination L.t.d.” does not track visitors to our Web site. Our site captures limited information (user-agent, last URI requested by the user, client-side and server-side click streams) about visits to our site, but we use this information only to analyze general traffic patterns (e.g. what pages are most/least popular) and to perform routine system maintenance.

If you choose to email us and provide personally identifiable information about yourself, we will not use the information for any purpose other than to respond to your inquiry.

“Unique Destination L.t.d.” asks for your email address if you are interested in receiving future alerts. We then use your email address send you specific updates. This information is not used for any other purpose.

“Unique Destination L.t.d.” Use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

If you have any concerns about this policy, please contact “Unique Destination L.t.d.”
by e-mail: [email protected] OR
call at +30 210 45 11 666

Updated on 26 November 2016